Before You Start Another Year……


Look at what arrived at my house a week or so ago!   I would be recommending this book to you even if I didn’t know and deeply respect John Roberto and his co-authors.  

What John and company have done with this book is to document the results of major studies on the power, impact and outcomes of intergenerational faith formation. Leaders interested in the faith of the next generation have been dancing around bits and pieces of this information for years.  Here it is definitively laid out in compelling fashion.  

And even better, Generations Together tells the stories of places where people have deeply invested in intergenerational ministry for YEARS.  This is not just some speaker’s IDEAS of what ought to be happening in our churches, or reports from a short term try.  These churches were a part of the Generations of Faith five yearproject funded by the Lily Foundation.  And they never went back. These are places who have LIVED intergenerationality for kids and adults a decade now.  This book is the narratives of those who have already done the hard work of trying and tweaking and getting people on board. If you want to know how you can possibly leave an age-segregated community of faith in the dust, well here you go.  

You need to immerse yourself in these outcomes and stories.  You need to get this book and begin feeding its promise into your discipling work for the coming year.  
Nancy Going~~Nancy Going

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  1. This sounds like a great plan for creating a community that really works together for the good of all- how have you seen this play out in your experience?

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