Our Contributors

Dr. Nancy Going, VFM Interim Executive Director
Nancy Going Dr. Nancy Going is a twenty-some year veteran of congregational Youth Ministry leadership, and still loves working with kids any chance she gets. She served as VFM Board Chair for the last six years. She comes to VFM after providing leadership and teaching in the Children Youth and Family Ministry Masters Degree Distributed Learning Program and Center for First Third Ministry at Luther Seminary.


Jim LaDoux, VFM Presenter, Coach & Author
Jim LadouxJim LaDoux supports the creation, planning and promotion of Vibrant Faith Ministries’ coaching and training services. Jim has a Master of Management Arts degree from Metropolitan State University with a special emphasis in organizational development and strategic planning. For more than 20 years, Jim has served numerous congregations by helping them establish gifts-based ministry programs, small group ministries, youth ministry programs, community outreach programs and strategic initiatives.

Tom Schwolert, VFM Coach
Tom SchwolertTom joins the Vibrant Faith Ministries’ team after spending more than 26 years in youth and family ministry at churches in Minnesota and Texas. Along with his vast experience and a master’s degree in Children, Youth and Family Ministry, Tom brings a passion for helping others learn that they are capable of being faith builders in their everyday lives. Tom successfully helped the four churches he served shift from being program-based to a more intergenerational and relational focus. As part of these efforts, he developed and oversaw popular weekly intergenerational ministries that included worship, study and community life. Tom also created Full Circle training that resulted in unique workshops in homes to enliven the faith of families and neighborhoods. Tom is a certified peer ministry and parenting trainer.

Leif Kehrwald, Vibrant Faith @ Home
Leif Kehrwald,Leif Kehrwald has worked in family ministry and faith formation on the local, regional and national levels for more than thirty years. Currently, he serves as the VibrantFaith@Home team leader, a service of Vibrant Faith Ministries. Leif has published several books and numerous articles on family life, family ministry, marriage and youth ministry. In his latest publication, The Catholic Faith and Family Bible, Leif served as general editor.


Anna Rendell, VFM Social Media Manager & Coach
Anna RendellAnna Rendell’s passion for faith development, writing and connecting with others is what brought her to the world of social media. She manages the social channels for VFM, and provides congregational social media coaching. Anna has a degree in Youth and Family Ministry from Augsburg College, and went on to work as director of Youth Ministries at Grace Lutheran Church in Apple Valley, Minnesota. She has also worked at several Bible camps as a counselor, high school leadership director, and year-round program director. Anna is the author of Girl with Blog and a monthly contributor to (in)courage, the Declare Conference blog, and the Twin Cities Moms Blog.

{There will occasionally be posts by guest contributors. Interested in submitting a post? Email arendell@vibrantfaith with a proposal!}